Preparing your Lawn for your End of Summer BBQ!

Preparing your Lawn for your End of Summer BBQ!

Picture this, it’s a warm February night and despite us nearing the end of summer, the typical Queenslander humidity is still in the air. You have your best mates and their partners over for a BBQ… the last one of summer! You’ve hosted many get togethers over the past few months but you aren’t complaining, entertaining has become your forte. 

Sound familiar? If not, it’s never too late to get your outdoor space into tip top shape for your future guests!

Lawns are an invaluable green space – utilise it!

We are firm believers in the lawn being the perfect multi-purposeful space, ideal for hosting anything from dinner and drinks, to kids birthday parties, or even a backyard game of cricket.  

Now as we know, Australian summers can be harsh on lawns especially in times of extreme heat. So your lawn will likely show signs of distress. Maybe you have overwatered, or under watered due to restrictions or lack of rainfall. As a result, fungus and weeds might be in sight. But don’t give up! Apply these 6 simple steps to get your outdoor space ready to do some entertaining!

Rule 1: Always mow the day before a party

This gives the lawn a better chance to heal so it will be in better condition in the long term. Also, clippings will settle down into the grass which will avoid leaving traces of grass all through the house!

Rule 2: Raise your mower blades to a higher setting

Your lawn has likely struggled to keep up with the rising temperatures, so try out raising your blade level as this will preserve the moisture in the soil. This will also allow the grass to focus on root growth for the seasons ahead.

Rule 3: Use your mulching plug

Our range of ride-ons come with a mulch plug and a side discharge which you can use to redistribute grass and get all those nutrients back into the soil.

Rule 4: Optimise watering times

Being a little bit strategic in watering your lawn goes a long way. We suggest going for the early morning before peak sun as midday watering leads to wasteful evaporation and nighttime watering can increase the amount of leaf wetness, increasing the chance of fungal problems.

Rule 5: Don’t forget about landscaping!

While a well-manicured lawn is front of mind, this might be a good chance to improve your landscaping. Prune those overgrown shrubs and remove flowers or leaves that have died. Have a play around with potted plant placement (PPP!). This will add some colour to an otherwise two-toned landscape, it will even detract from areas of the yard that you don’t want guests venturing towards. 😉

Rule 6: Renew and Revitalise

Time to get around to those tasks you’ve been putting off (we all do it 😅). Sweep your patio or deck and clear out any cobwebs or creepy crawlies lurking in the corners, we don’t want any uninvited guests turning up! If you have some extra time and want to go the extra mile, pressure hose your outdoor surfaces as this can really revitalise the space. Wipe down or wash any outdoor furniture and cushions, but do this a couple days before as they will need time to dry. 

Now even though your end of summer BBQ might be over, let’s not forget about aftercare! Just as you and your guests need time to recover from a big night, so does your lawn. But let’s save that for the next blog shall we? 👀

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