How To Take Care Of Your Lawn This Winter

How To Take Care Of Your Lawn This Winter

When you think of lawn care, you may associate it with hot summer days out on the mower getting gardening jobs done. However, during the winter months, there is still lots of work to be done. To maintain your lawn and keep it looking good year-round, there are a few helpful tips Stiga has to care for your garden throughout winter. 

Top Tips For Winter Lawn Care

Limit Watering

Throughout winter, your lawn doesn’t need to be watered as much compared to the summer months. If you notice your grass leaves curling up or drying out, you should give them some water to keep them hydrated. You can also lightly water your lawn in the mornings to remove any frost build-up on your grass. 

Service Your Mower 

Winter typically means less lawn TLC, resulting in less mowing. With your mower out of action, it may be time for a service. Sharpening your mower blades, changing the air filter, and emptying the fuel tank are all great ways to keep your mower maintained and ready for springtime. 

Alter Your Mowing Height

When mowing throughout winter, adjust your mower blade height. In winter, you should allow grass to grow a little taller to encourage the grass to absorb as much sunlight and nutrients as possible.

Avoid Soil Compaction

When you let your soil get compacted, it limits the number of nutrients that enter the soil and stops your lawn from growing to its full potential. Where possible, try to avoid heavy foot traffic on your lawn or make sure to aerate areas that are unavoidable to help loosen the soil. 

Remove Pesky Weeds

Make sure to spray weeds during winter to prevent them from returning the following year in larger numbers. Many products are available that help you spray weeds with ease instead of pulling them out individually by hand.

Getting Your Garden Started In The Winter

While your mower is tucked away for winter, you may still be craving some time out working in your garden. Instead of spending your time mowing throughout winter, you can start some other gardening projects such as planting flowers, fruit trees, and other spring-flowering trees. 

Herbs such as chives, mint, and parsley are great to plant during winter. Vegetables such as carrots, cauliflower, onion, and spinach are also great options for your winter gardening. Be a green thumb this winter and start growing some delicious vegetables ready to be eaten when the frost subsides! 

Have Any Questions?

Stiga is here to help you with any questions you may have. To learn more about our Stiga mowers or winter lawn care tips, chat with our team or head to your local Stiga dealer today!

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