Choosing The Right STIGA Ride-On Mower

Choosing The Right STIGA Ride-On Mower

When it comes to maintaining a beautiful lawn, the right ride-on mower can make all the difference. At a glance, our three ride-on mower models might look similar, but they each come with unique specifications and features that differentiate them. We thought it’d be helpful to put together a thorough breakdown of our Combi, Tornado and Estate ride-ons so that you can make an informed decision based on which mower will best suit your needs and preferences. 

STIGA Combi: Compact and Versatile

The main defining factor of the Combi from the other ride-ons is its compact design which allows it to navigate tight spaces with ease, making it ideal for smaller lawns and gardens. Here are some of its other key features:

Cutting Width: It offers a moderate cutting width, making quick work of mowing tasks while ensuring precision.

Mulching Capabilities: The Combi has a 150 litre grass collector and can mulch grass clippings, returning nutrients to your lawn and reducing the need for disposal.

Efficient Engine: Equipped with a reliable engine, it offers the power needed for efficient cutting.

Operational efficiency: The Combi has a smooth hydrostatic transmission which is a gear-free system that uses hydraulic pumps to control the velocity and direction of the ride-on. This makes it easier for you as the operator to use as you simply press the pedal and the further down, or harder, it is pressed, the faster the ride-on or tractor moves.

Comfort factor: Combi and comfort go hand-in-hand with the soft-grip steering wheel and ergonomic seat design - every aspect has been thought through with the operator in mind.

STIGA Tornado: Powerful and Reliable

The STIGA Tornado is a step up in terms of power and performance - making it best suited to tackling bigger jobs. Here are its key attributes:

Robust Engine: It comes with a powerful engine that can handle tougher grass and challenging terrain.

Long-lasting Resistance and Durability: This ride-on mower has a cast iron front axle which maintains its sturdiness and longevity. 

Mulching and Collection Options: The Tornado offers both mulching and grass collection capabilities, giving you flexibility in how you manage clippings.

Increased Cutting Width: The Tornado boasts a wider cutting width, making it suitable for larger lawns and more extensive mowing tasks.

STIGA Estate: Premium Performance and Comfort

The STIGA Estate is the pinnacle of STIGA's ride-on mower range, offering premium features and performance. Here's what sets it apart:

Large Cutting Deck: The Estate features a generous cutting deck, making it suitable for extensive lawns and professional use.

Double the Power: Both the 598W and the 5098HW Estates offer a twin-cylinder engine and a twin-blade cutter deck - highlighting its capacity to smash through tough work.

Unique features: The deck is equipped with a wash nozzle which gets rid of the build-up of dead grass on the underside of the deck which ultimately limits performance and causes corrosion.

High-Performance Engine: It's equipped with a robust engine, ensuring exceptional cutting power and efficiency.

Got Questions?

Choosing the right STIGA ride-on mower depends on your lawn size, terrain, and desired features. While there is some overlap between our three models, we hope this blog has provided clarity and helped narrow your final decision. Explore our range to find the perfect ride-on mower that meets your non-negotiables and delivers the lawn of your dreams.

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