How To Extend The Life Of Your Ride-On Mower

How To Extend The Life Of Your Ride-On Mower

Ride-on mowers are frequently used by homeowners with large properties. These long mowing sessions can take a toll on your unit after a while, so it is important to take care of your mower to ensure it runs smoothly for years to come. To help you out, here are Stiga’s top tips to prolong the life of your ride-on mower to keep your lawn looking great all year round.

Tips To Prolong Your Mower's Life 

Have A Regular Maintenance Schedule 

Typically, the recommended time for maintenance is noted in your mower’s user manual. However, if you are not sure, ask your retailer for the best time to get it checked. Maintenance should be done fairly regularly to check that everything is running smoothly and there are no issues with your unit. 

Clean Your Mower Often

When mowing, grass, dirt, and other debris can get everywhere, including on your mower. It is essential to clean your unit's deck, engine compartment, and underneath the deck. Be sure no grass is on your mower before storing it, as this can promote rust and damage your ride-on. 

Keep Your Blades Sharp 

Not only are dull blades bad for your grass, but they also make your mower’s engine work much harder, shortening its lifespan. When sharpening the blades, wear optimal eye protection and gloves. 

Replace Oil And Fuel

If you leave fuel in your mower for an extended period of time, it can thicken and clog up your tank. Regularly draining and replacing old fuel means you won't need to take it in to get fixed if the engine gets stuck. The same applies to oil! 

Check Your Mower’s Tyres 

Your mower cannot do its job with flat tyres. So, check the tyres regularly to ensure they are properly inflated. If they aren't, be sure to fill them up with the recommended air pressure noted on the tyres. However, if you aren’t sure, always call your retailer or service provider to double-check or get assistance. 

Pay Attention While Driving 

During a mowing session, multiple objects and debris can get in the way, such as rocks, branches, and other hazards. Keep an eye out and avoid these objects; otherwise, you may severely damage your mower.

Have Questions?

If you keep up maintenance and look after your mower, it will keep cutting your lawn with ease. By keeping your mower in good condition, you won't be spending time on maintenance and instead you can spend time relaxing on your perfectly manicured lawn! If you have any questions about mower maintenance or the Stiga range, contact our friendly team today to learn more!

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