Can I Mow A Wet Lawn?

Can I Mow A Wet Lawn?

With the summer months bringing in a lot more rain, it’s important to keep your lawn healthy. Heavy rains can lead to several issues, such as waterlogging, loss of essential nutrients, weed growth and more. Therefore, homeowners must understand the impacts of different types of weather to take better care of their lawns. 

Should I Mow Wet Grass? 

Mowing wet grass is not ideal, as it can cause many issues for both your mower and your lawn’s health. However, in certain situations, you can cut your grass when wet. Still, you must be prepared and understand how to avoid clumping and uneven cuts properly.

How Wet Grass Affects Your Mower 

If you decide to mow in wet weather conditions, you put more stress on your unit because it needs more power to push through the damp grass. As well as this, cutting wet grass can dull your mower blades more quickly. If you have to mow during damp weather, stop and check your blades now and again to clear any clogging that may form under the deck. To maintain a well-functioning machine, sharpen your mower blades frequently to deliver a clean cut. 

Clogging under the deck can also lead to excessive moisture buildup, damaging your machine. This can lead to costly repairs and replacements. 

Is Mowing Wet Grass Bad For Your Lawn?

When grass blades are wet, they typically droop to the ground. This means your mower blades may pass over the grass instead of cleanly cutting them. Therefore, you may find uneven patches and unmown spots when your lawn dries up. 

Mowing wet grass can also lead to ripping and tearing of the grass leaves. Torn grass can lead to diseases and other problems for your grass, so it’s best to mow in dry conditions when possible. Also, when the grass is ripped up and left on your lawn, it can become matted, reducing airflow to the soil and making your grass more susceptible to fungal diseases. 

How Soon After It Rains Can I Mow The Lawn? 

When dealing with light rain, you only need to wait between two and five hours for the lawn to dry up before getting your mower out. However, with heavier rain storms resulting in waterlogging and extremely damp grass, you should wait at least one day to mow safely. 

Have Questions? 

Remember, it’s best to play it safe and wait for your grass to dry before hopping on your ride-on for a mowing session! If you are still unsure if your conditions are safe for mowing, you can chat with our friendly team or head to your local Stiga dealer today!

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