How To Choose The Right Ride-On Mower For Your Garden

How To Choose The Right Ride-On Mower For Your Garden

When picking a ride-on mower, it is essential to consider various factors to ensure you get the right one for your lawn. There are a few different types of ride-ons that you can choose based on a few key factors. Stiga is here to help you determine which suits you and your lawn best.

Do I Need A Ride-On Mower? 

Ride-on mowers are best suited for larger acreages and can handle rougher terrain. Rear engine mowers are great for gardens with gentle slopes, but lawn tractors are more versatile and perform well on almost all terrain. Garden tractors are larger, more powerful versions of lawn tractors and are best for very large lawns. If you are investing in a ride-on, Stiga is here to help you pick the perfect one for you and your needs. 

What To Take Into Consideration 

How Big Is Your Lawn? 

The size of your lawn is a major determining factor for which lawn mower you really need. If you have a smaller property, you may want to choose a mower with a narrow turning circle and a compact unit design, such as Stiga’s Combi Ride On. A unit such as this offers you a comfortable ride and can manoeuvre around obstacles on your lawn, such as trees or fences. 

However, if you have a considerable distance to cover, you may opt for a unit that packs more punch, such as the Stiga Estate Ride On. Units like this are essential for large areas to cover as they provide enhanced comfort, smooth acceleration, and accurate cutting. Ensure you assess the size of your lawn before picking a ride-on, as each unit has a range of features best suited for different acreages. 

What Is The Terrain? 

Before purchasing a ride-on mower, you must consider the terrain you are working with. When navigating a complex landscape, you should ensure the unit has anti-scalping wheels to protect your turf when manoeuvring on sloping or rolling ground. This ensures you don’t damage your lawn, keeping it fresh and clean. 

As well as this, choosing a mower with several cutting options is also ideal. This ensures no matter how overgrown your lawn is; you’ll be able to trim it down to size. Stiga’s Tornado ride-on range is perfect for jobs requiring a small, powerful, and fast-working lawn tractor. 

How Busy Is Your Lawn? 

Lawns with many trees, flower beds, furniture, and other elements will make mowing more difficult. A narrower mower with a good turn circle is much easier to use if you have narrow gates or small spaces to mow between trees. Stiga’s Combi Ride-On is, again, an ideal unit for busier backyards. 

Which Mower Is Right For You? 

After considering your lawn size and terrain, you can start comparing models of lawn mowers depending on which will work best for your specific needs. If you are still trying to decide which type of mower is best for you, our friendly team is here to help! Drop into one of our dealers to browse the Stiga lawn mower range and take home your dream mower today!

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