Maximising The Fuel Efficiency Of Your Ride-On

Maximising The Fuel Efficiency Of Your Ride-On

Reducing our fuel consumption during the hot summer months is critical as burning less fuel will reduce emissions from mowing and contribute to better overall air quality for outdoor activities. Lucky for you, our 3 Stiga Ride-On mowers are highly fuel efficient, ranging from 3.8 to 6 litres across the units depending on size and capacity. However, there are always things we can do to maximise the fuel efficiency of our mowers and incorporate more sustainable lawn care practices into our routine.

Maximise Mowing Time

Walk your property prior to mowing and remove large debris and obstacles as this will reduce the time required to stop the mower to pick up while mowing. 

Match Mower Size To Area

It might sound self-explanatory but choosing the mowing equipment that suits your property is vital. If you have acreage property, you need our Estate which is suitable for lawns up to 2 acres. Using a mower that isn’t equipped for such distances will just increase fuel consumption and take longer to mow.

Reduce Idling Time

If the operator plans on leaving the mower for even more than 30 seconds, it’s best to shut the mower down. If you need to pause or make adjustments, don’t let it idle unnecessarily as this consumes fuel. Turn the engine back on when you’re ready to continue mowing.

Reduce Mowing Speed

As fun as it can be on the ride-ons, mowing full-throttle not only consumes more fuel, but it can also result in poor cut quality. Remember, our ride-ons are designed to your comfort – sit back, slow down and reap the benefits of fuel efficiency.

Be Strategic In Your Mowing

Instead of mowing every second weekend, consider things like the moisture content of your lawn and growth rate to determine if mowing is necessary and whether it’s worth reassessing your mowing schedule. Also, well-thought-out patterns can significantly reduce fuel consumption.

Avoid mowing in the peak heat of the day when the engine has to work harder. Opt for early morning or late evening sessions. Maintaining a consistent speed and avoiding frequent stops and starts will reduce fuel consumption.

Got questions?

With these fuel-efficient practices, you’ll not only save on fuel costs but also reduce your impact on the environment while making the most of your Stiga ride-on mower. Get in touch if you have any questions about your ride-on or fuel efficiency.

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