The Best Grass for Your Lawn

The Best Grass for Your Lawn

Understanding the different types of grass and how they might best suit your garden can be tricky. To make this process easier, here at Stiga we have outlined our top grass picks and their features so you can pick which is right for you and your lawn. 

What Are the Different Types Of Grass?

1. Buffalo Grass

This type of grass is one of the most common due to its low maintenance nature. Buffalo grass is highly durable, easy to maintain, and soft to the touch. It also has high shade tolerance and is weed resistant, ensuring your lawn looks healthy all year round. 

2. Couch Grass (Hybrid Bermuda) 

Couch grass features very fine leaves that are quick-growing and invasive. This type of grass requires frequent mowing, meaning it is very high maintenance. Although this grass variety is a more high maintenance option, it is very drought tolerant and wear-resistant. 

3. Zoysia Grass

Zoysia grass has wider leaves than couch grass and grows densely, preventing weed growth. It has very high shade tolerance and is drought resistant. However, it tends to establish slower than other grass types. 

4. Kikuyu Grass

This grass type has a medium leaf width, soft green blades, and is highly invasive. Kikuyu grass loves the full sun to continue thriving, so your lawn needs to receive lots of natural sunlight. This grass type can be quite high maintenance and requires lots of care and attention. 

5. Fescue Grass

Finally, Fescue grass is a non-invasive grass type with high water requirements. It is typically more frost tolerant, being a cool-season variety, and can be slow to establish. Due to its high water requirements, this grass type has low drought tolerance. 

Should I plant grass from seeds?

If you are an avid gardener and have plenty of time to nurture and grow grass from seeds you should definitely give it a try. However, if you lack time and want a low-maintenance lawn, using turf is much easier. 

Turf gives your lawn an even look and won’t have patches or clumps. It also gives you more choice in what grass type you would like, as not all lawns can be grown from seeds. Finally, when seeding your lawn, the seeds can be easily washed away during heavy rain and also need to be protected from birds and other animals during the growth process. 

Our Top Grass Choice

Buffalo grass is our top choice for your lawn. This type of grass is low maintenance, easy to grow, and weed resistant making it convenient for the homeowner who doesn’t have a lot of time to maintain their lawn. 

How to Maintain Your Lawn

Different types of grass require different levels of maintenance. Some faster growing varieties require more regular mowing, while others can be trimmed less frequently. Regardless of your lawn type, Stiga has a mower to suit you. Our units have been developed for all different types of consumer demands, providing you with a beautiful lawn all year round.

To learn more about how to grow your own grass, maintain your lawn, or other lawn care tips, chat with our team or find your nearest Stiga dealer today!

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